Time critical charter managed by WWL ALS’ Marine & Port Agency team

WWL ALS chartered a coaster and provided vessel agency services for 4 wind turbine tower sections and a set of 3 blades.

A charter vessel option was offered for the cargo moving from Avonmouth Port to Newport, South Wales as road transport was not a suitable option over the Severn Bridge.

WWL ALS were responsible for arranging welders to provide sea fastenings on board the vessel.

The team only had a couple of hours to position the vessel alongside quay at Newport on arrival to avoid the vessel missing its berth slot.

In addition, due to limited space at the port it was crucial that the vessel was positioned in a suitable way to allow WWL ALS to discharge the vessel as per the plan.

Stevedores and shore cranes to load the cargo from quay to vessel were organised by WWL ALS to discharge the vessel.

WWL ALS’s agency team provided full attendance during loading and discharge operations.

For more information on our services the Marine & Port Operations team look forward to hearing from you:

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