General Purpose Containers

As the name suggests this closed container is suitable for the carriage of all types of general cargo, and with suitable temporary modification for the carriage of bulk cargoes, both solid and liquid (for more information please see the relevant sections under 'Loading Containers').

The general purpose containers are basically a steel framework with steel cladding, in all cases the floors are either hardwood timber planked or plywood sheeted. Access for loading is through full width doors.

Cargo securing flashing points are located at floor level at the base of the sidewalls (generally 5 per side in 20' and 9 per side in 40' containers, all with a Safe Working Load of 2032kgs each.

Tare, Payload and Gross Weights

The tare weights of containers vary, therefore no absolute figure is quoted for payload, but it should be mentioned that the 20' General Purpose containers have a maximum gross weight of between 22,860 and 30,480 kgs. All 40' GP containers have a maximum gross weight of 30,480kgs.

However, very careful consideration must be given to the maximum weight limits acceptable in the country of origin and destination.